Prof. Robert Konrat PhD
Co-Founder | CSO
  • Professor in the Department of Structural and Computational Biology at the University of Vienna, Max Perutz Laboratories, Vienna, Austria

  • Corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

  • Head of the Christian-Doppler Laboratory for Knowledge-Based Structural Biology and Biotechnology

  • Recipient of the Novartis Price for Chemistry (2000)

  • Visiting professorships at the Universities of Graz, École Normale Supérieur, Paris, France, University of Barcelona, Spain and the University of Florence, Italy

  • Consultant to both biotech and pharmaceutical industries

  • Previous appointments: Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, University of Innsbruck, Austria, University of Toronto, Canada

  • Education: Chemistry, University of Graz, Austria, PhD

  • Major research interests: intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), in particular developing novel chemistry-inspired conceptual frameworks to theoretically describe protein features based on primary sequence information, as well as NMR-supported structural biology and drug design

  • > 130 original publications and book chapters, inventor on three patent families